How to thrive as a stay-at-home mom

baby touching woman s face

While stay at home moms don’t have jobs, raising children on a single income household demands so much of physical strength, mental health, and financial gymnastics. But it’s our choice to be SAHM right? We know our purpose and reason of our choice. So in the midst of the struggles that come with being a … Read more

SAHM + Entrepreneur Burnout: When it gets overwhelming, choose health

It’s been quiet here. Not able to update this blog for a while now. You see, just recently, I’ve taken on the role of a teacher-ish for my kindergarten-aged daughter. And I think I’m failing on that area on a massive scale. The schools are closed because of the pandemic so we “homeschool-ish”. To add … Read more

Someday, my house will be clean, but not today

how to stop worrying about cleaning

Are you a mom who cleans up the house every single day even if you know it will be messy again the next day minute? I hear you, moms! How to stop worrying about cleaning? My now-toddler baby has woken up. It’s a sign for me that my work for the day begins again. He … Read more

A letter to myself as a first time mom

woman carrying baby at beach during sunset

Time flies, they say. Moms, we know that it ain’t true when you are sleep-deprived for months and months. The days are long, but the years are short. What will you tell your younger self during the long days? “A mother continues to labor long after the baby is born.” Lisa Jo Baker On a … Read more