SAHM + Entrepreneur Burnout: When it gets overwhelming, choose health

It’s been quiet here. Not able to update this blog for a while now.

You see, just recently, I’ve taken on the role of a teacher-ish for my kindergarten-aged daughter. And I think I’m failing on that area on a massive scale. The schools are closed because of the pandemic so we “homeschool-ish”.

To add the role of educator to the multiple roles of a parent is truly a noble one. I don’t know how other moms do it. I guess we just do it because who will, right? Hats off to you homeschoolers!

On the other side, I’ve decided to start an online business.

That is all on top of being the full-time homemaker who does the cooking, feeding, laundry, washing, bathing, cleaning, appointments, gardening, and groceries. And of course, also the caretaker of our children’s physical, emotional, spiritual, dietary, and educational needs. Did I say I’m still breastfeeding?

During daytime, I am mothering and homemaking. At nights (and at the wee hours of the morning), I do business stuffs. I thought that it’s gonna work in the long run. But it’s a stupid thought.

The daily physical demands of raising little children paired with sleepless nights is never a good idea. And along the way, I kinda reached a point of burnout. So I made a choice between my online business and homeschooling.

For the sake of my health, I chose the latter.

Don’t try to be everything at once

The adage that says, ‘You can do everything if you set you mind on it’ is a big lie! You cannot do everything. You can only do so much. And failing to do everything does not make you a failure.

So why shouldn’t you do everything?

Because you are enough.

You are strong.

You don’t have to do everything.

But you can manage anything.

Manage using a planner

It’s easy to forget things when you have a lot on your mind. I find using a planner helps that area of difficulty in my life.

Any planner will do. Any ordinary notebook will do. It does not have to be fancy. The important thing is that you write it down.

Write down your list of things to do on a daily basis. Write your plans for the week. Write your appointments for the month. Write your dreams and aspirations for the coming year. Just. Write. It. Down. It releases some ions of thoughts from your mombrain.

And if you’re looking for a specific planner that can guide you and motivate you, try the Five Minute Journal.

  • It is an undated journal, you can start anytime.
  • Hardbound cover
  • Motivation quotes on each page
  • Clear guided structure on what to write
  • Designed to help improve the practice of gratitude, joy, and optimism

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