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    How to make money selling low content books on Amazon: 7 Steps for Beginners

    making money selling low content books

    You can make money selling low content books on Amazon through their publishing arm, the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). That’s right! Amazon KDP is a business model where you can publish and sell books and notebooks on Amazon. Registration is free. So that means there’s $0 upfront cost at starting this type online business. … Read more

    How to make money online as a SAHM

    busy mom working on laptop and noisy children running around

    This article is about how to make money online as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). It includes a list of popular platforms to achieve this and the key factors to making money online as a SAHM. We are lucky enough to be living in a time of technology where we can video call our loved ones … Read more

    How do Instagram Food Bloggers Make Money Online

    crop unrecognizable woman touching bowl with traditional ramen soup

    With our ultimate guide, find out how foodies earn money through food blogging and their Instagram accounts. Hello there! If you’ve landed on this post, you must probably have a food blog or an Instagram account that has quite attracted a good number of loyal followers. Or probably you are still planning to start a … Read more

    Where to get free low content book interiors for AMAZON KDP

    Where to get KDP low content interiors

    This article is about making money online with Amazon KDP using free low content book interiors. When you download a KDP interior template, these are ready for use and upload to the Amazon KDP’s platform. If you’re looking for KDP interior templates for your low content books, there are a variety of sources you can … Read more