How to make money online as a SAHM

This article is about how to make money online as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). It includes a list of popular platforms to achieve this and the key factors to making money online as a SAHM.

We are lucky enough to be living in a time of technology where we can video call our loved ones from the other side of the planet, or to read and share news at just a click of a button. And then there is the opportunity to make income through online jobs and businesses, including making money online as a SAHM.

Making money online as SAHM takes time

For over a decade now, I have been trying to make a decent income from my blogs. To cut the long story short, I have ended up with creating my own digital products through Etsy and Amazon KDP. And I am humbly able to do that through the comforts of my own home and while spending time with my young children. It may sound simple but it is not an easy journey. As what I said, it took me over a decade to make my first $1 online.

From what I learned, to finally come up with how you earn money online depends on your personality and motivation. Of course, there are many other factors but all of them seem to point to these main categories: what is your personality and what are your long term goals?

My personality: I am shy and introverted. I am passionate in writing. I enjoy graphic design. So I thought I would do well in blogging. Ten years in and at least 20 blogs after, I just made $24 through Google Adsense. And that’s alright.

I am fascinated with bloggers who are able to quit their jobs and make money online. How do they do it? They share all their ideas and journey. But there seems to be something else. How do you crack the code this making-money-online thing. I just woke up one day and realize this: WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION?

Secret to the success of an idea or a business? Your personality and your motivation

If your long term goal is just to earn money, that’s a valid one. But do not make it your motivation or else, you are in for a lot of heartbreaks and confusion along the way. Why? Because it won’t get you through the hard times when you are learning and failing and not making money. Make money your long term goal but do no make it your #1 motivation.

So what should be the motivation? And that is: YOU MUST BE WILLING TO HELP.

What does your target audience need help with? What products are you willing to create for them? What product customizations are you willing to design for them? What content are you willing to write for them? What are they asking for that you can answer? What are the solutions that you can suggest to their problems? What answers can you give them to their questions? And so on.

And the end motivation is: You want to help.

It seems ironic that making money online is all about helping others. After all, making money is a material aspect of life while helping others is a spiritual one. It is a shift of mindset.

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The mindset when starting an online enterprise

Speaking of mindset, building an online business requires a specific type of mindset: DO NOT BE NEGATIVE.

The online entrepreneurship realm is intimidating enough, and you building a simple product to enter into the market is nauseating. Some say, it’s too late to join because it’s already saturated. Tell me, what market is not saturated yet? And what are the numbers and charts to determine the saturation peak?

Do not be negative. Maybe it’s saturated for a reason. Maybe it’s saturated because people are really willing to pay for products in that kind of market. Maybe it’s saturated because it really works.

If you decide to join a market that is immensely saturated, make sure to introduce a product that is unique, high-quality, and marketable. Adapt a different angle by creating a product they have never seen before. Or if they have seen one before, make sure yours is better.

Why this SAHM wants to start an online business

We are lucky enough to have internet in our times where we can have online jobs or businesses. But regardless of what era of time you live in, it is not the technology itself that builds businesses. It is a person.

When I was growing up, internet is non-existent. At the same time, my mom had a food business. Her days were always busy providing for our family but her work hours were flexible and her own. I am lucky enough to see my mom whenever I want and need. I don’t need an ID badge or gate access to get to her.

Now that I am older and a mom myself, I realize that my mom was kind of a stay-at-home mom. She was home but she also has a business. And I want the same thing for my own children.

My mom and I had a few breaking-away along the way of life, but the cliche is really true. You understand your own mother only when you become a mother yourself. When we were young, we always cling to her. But come the teenage and adolescent age, we rebel for independence. Then we become adults, and we go back to them and we finally understand their decisions, mistakes, and sacrifices.

My mom is an entrepreneur by heart. Even now, she still has a food business. She enjoys cooking a lot. Growing up, I always hear people praising her cooking.

And here I am, a mother. I can only attempt to achieve what my mom has. We don’t have a perfect family, we have mistakes and wars raging. But mom has always been strong for us. She may not be carrying her children in her arms, but she still carries us by hearts.

Having said all that, I can conclude that the success of an business whether it is online or in the offline world is this: IT IS THE PERSON.

It is the person’s mindset, skills, determination, perseverance, and a lots of more. But being negative is not one of them.

How to find time to blog or build an online business as a SAHM

How to find time to start a business as a SAHM? That’s the perennial question.

I admire successful mombloggers who are able to raise kids, cook, do laundry while at the same time having successful income-generating blogs or online businesses. I really have no idea how they make it all work. They are the icing to the cake of making money online as a SAHM.

Sometimes I find myself envying these women and that’s when I have to stop my mind. Comparison is thief of joy. And you must not compare your Day 1 to the Day 1000 of these amazing moms. You are still starting after all and they have been doing this gig for while now.

And besides, you are a SAHM for a reason. And your number 1 reason is to be present to your kids physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. If I make a successful blog or business, then that is just a bonus.

In addition to that, there is a time for everything.

It’s funny because I say this to my kids all the time. “There’s a time to eat, there’s a time to play, there’s a time to watch TV, but now it’s time to sleep.”

I am still trying hard to tell myself that. That there’s a time to give birth, there’s a time to heal, there’s a time to work, there’s a time to feel or look good, but now it’s time to raise your children.

Our life has seasons. And whatever season you are in your life, be there.

In terms of finding time for my blogs and businesses, I honestly struggles. There are days when my only achievement is adding a few graphics and pressing Ctrl + S.

You see, my life as a SAHM is full of interruption. Oops, that is not the good word. Because children are not the interruptions from work, THEY ARE THE WORK OF OUR LIVES.

My day is full of cooking, buying groceries, cleaning, wiping butts and tears, stopping siblinggfights, teaching them ABCs and of love, feeding, and much more. All of these takes time and effort.

There is a time to complete my graphic designs or write that new blog post. But for now, my time is for the baby and the toddler.

Take your time. We’ll all get there. It is not a race, it is a slow marathon, a very slow one.

Popular ways to making money online as a SAHM

So how do people earn money online? Let me count the ways. This list only includes those that do not require spending huge amounts of capital money.

Being on a single income household, SAHMs don’t need much money to start this. Having said that, it does not mean it’s gonna be an easy journey. It will require so much time and effort. And being a full-time mom, your plate is already full. Take your time.

Google AdSense

What Google Adsense really is is simply display advertising. It means that you place codes within your blog. When someone visits your blog, those codes display advertisements. When your blog gets enough visits, then you get paid. Easily said than done, haha.

This scheme requires you to have a blog. And to make money with Adsense, your blog must generate a huge number of visits.

You can join Google Adsense for free. But starting a blog is not free, you need to buy a domain and hosting.

How your blog can get high traffic of visitors depends on a few things:

  • Your marketing strategies (social media, influencer marketing, etc)
  • Your content must be high quality (well-written, free from grammar errors, etc)
  • Your content is unique (provides very useful information not available in other blogs, or if available, yours must be better)

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What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is collating products from AliExpress and displaying them on your online shop in Shopify, Wix, or SquareSpace.

In Shopify, you can use an app called Oberlo to source products from AliExpress and automatically display them on your Shopify store.

AliExpress is free, Oberlo is free, but Shopify is not free.

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Virtual Assistance

You can offer your skills to another blogger.

You can join UpWork or Fiverr for this. Both are free to join.

Selling your own digital products on Etsy or Amazon KDP

What are digital products? Digital products simply mean those that do not require you to create a tangible product. You can create them in Canva or Adobe Photoshop and then sell them as PDF, JPG or PNG, etc.

This include printables, calendars/ planners, Ipad planners, Adobe Lightroom presets, stock photos, and more.

Opening a store in Etsy and Amazon KDP are both free. But once you make sales, they cut a certain percentage of commission.

Selling your physical products on Etsy or Facebook Marketplace

Physical products are anything under the sun. You can sell plants from your garden, second hand prams of your child, or your own homebaked goods.

Selling crafts is best for Etsy, while selling your garage sales are well suited for Facebook Marketplace.

Final thoughts: Key takeaways to making money online as a SAHM

Whatever online business scheme you decide to choose, it is your own personality/skills and long-term motivation you must focus on.

Get rid of a negative mindset. Making your first $1 takes time, patience, and so much work. It won’t happen on Day 1 or even Day 100, most certainly it won’t happen overnight.

Whatever your season in life is right now, be there. So pray girl, pray! Because motherhood is a full-time job already, so building an online business will leave you so much on your plate.

All the best moms!

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