KDP Income report, 2022 Goals, and Self-care

Thank you 2021, hello 2022! Cheers for more learning and earning with Amazon KDP low content books! In this post, I shall share my 2021 KDP income report, mistakes lessons learned, and goals for 2022.

Hang on tight. This one’s gonna be quite rough.

My last KDP Income Report for 2021

Okay, I may be starting a little too ahead of myself. But I decided to share my income report first as this is, more often than not, the unit of measurement that is equated to success.

So here’s my KDP income report for the last month.

Success? That is quite a relative word for me. First because, I have not yet reached my original goal when I started KDP a year ago. Second because, looking between how I started my online business and and how I managed it to keep running, I’m content to tap myself at the back and say ‘Well done girl!”

I could not quite say my KDP efforts gained the typical kind of success, but hey it is a victory for me!

For the past two years that I’ve been running online businesses while raising children and managing (and building) a house, this is more than enough for me.

I am grateful. Truly I am.

I am grateful for a business model that allows me to earn passive income while I breastfeed my child.

I say, we’ve only just began. This is just the beginning. And there’s more to come!

For all the efforts and sleepless nights, it is still beginning and many things have yet to take shape. Phew! It definitely is NOT a walk in the park, definitely NOT a get rich quick scheme, and definitely NOT just a happenstance. To get results, there are so many things to do with utter INTENTION.

I made some income in other areas too. Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and my Etsy digital products produced some results for me. In blogging, I had a very successful post that made me some bucks in affiliate marketing: Where to get free low content book interiors for Amazon KDP

amazon kdp goals 2022

My 2022 KDP Goals: KDP Income Reports not one of ’em

Here are my goals for my KDP online business this year:

1. Find more profitable niches through Keyword Research

For 2022, I will move past a little bit from content creation. I will outsource creating interiors and designing covers (if I can help it!). This is because I want to explore keyword research.

I might seem a little backward as some onlinepreneurs first start with keyword research in order to find a niche. But hey, hear me out. This is a mistake lesson learned ๐Ÿ™‚ On a positive note, I was lucky enough to find an audience who was already looking for a product that I can design for them. That is why I kind of skipped keyword research on a certain level.

2. Dive into advertising

As for advertising, this is a huge leap for me, especially financially. There’s so much to learn about bidding, targeting, etc. I’m gonna take it one step at a time!

3. Delegate content creation. Sell more high-quality products

I shall outsource my content creation and build a small team to provide results for me. Sounds tough! For me, it sounds very convenient ๐Ÿ˜€

Content creation eats a bulk of my time. I want to focus now on data analysis and forecasting my results. It’s getting turbulent and ambitious now. I told ya it’s gonna be rough.

But at the end of the day, my goal is to provide high-quality low content books that sell. And the KDP income reports can follow.

4. Self care!

I already hit publish and forgot to include self-care in my goal. It just goes to show that I’ve not been thinking much about self-care these days. So for this year, I shall do self-care. I shall sleep well, breathe more, and worry less.

Final thoughts: KDP income report not the ultimate goal, but quality products is

I may or may not achieve my 2022 KDP goals. Perhaps, it can be done in a two years time or more. The most important thing is I don’t lose focus.. and hope! I’m in for the long haul and it doesn’t matter if I reach it quick, as long as I reach it. So ciao for now. I gotta go change some diapers somewhere in the house!

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