What’s a house with a toddler really like?

When I became a mom, I learned the hard way of letting go of control. You can manage a home and guide your child, but control? Nope! Just focus on the bright side of this phase of motherhood which is messy.

Here’s what I realized when having a toddler in the house is really like:

‘Safety first’ is your main priority

I now cringe with fear whenever I see items of furniture with sharp edges.

Or in general, I think of my Lil One’s active explorative skills when I see houses with lots of stairs, floors made of super hard tiles, and any fixtures with sharp corners. My mind is screaming out for corner guards!

And with us renting, it is more of a challenge as we cannot mount screws, apply adhesives, and the likes.

One simple solution is not to have bulky pieces of furniture as much as we can. Another is to use safety gear and fixtures that require no screws or adhesives.

Your house will never EVER be perfectly neat and clean

There. I said it. I got it out of my chest. That’s the first on my list.
That’s not because you do not clean. In fact, your day is entirely spent on picking up toys, wiping food from everywhere, and the list goes on.

So, I have decided that I will clean ONLY at the end of the day, OR ELSE, the whole day will be spent entirely on picking up toys, and whatnots.

Besides, a mom has other million things to do. Shoutout to ‘cooking’!

Toys will be everywhere!

In the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and oh well, the bathroom.

Sometimes I even find a toy in the kitchen cupboards. It makes me smile to see dolls next to my sugar containers, but it makes me worry that she can open cabinets all by herself now.

And in spite of buying several toy storage boxes, the toys always end up on the floor. Oh well.

One hack of mine? I have decided not to arrange the toys. I simply throw them all in her house tent. She enjoys finding her toys there by the way.

Groceries don’t get to the fridge quickly

When we moved to Australia, we had our own place, at last, which was a great blessing. We can simply make it as clean (or messy) as we want it to be. We can leave the groceries in the lounge right after coming back home from the store. We can leave the pram/ stroller in the lounge as long as we want to.

And that’s okay. There will always be more important things to do than getting your house spic-and-span.

Your house is happier, full of giggles and chasing

Of course, even when your muscles are aching or your back pain visits again or when you are simply exhausted, it really is happier to have kids around the house.

A house is never the same without those innocent laughs and smiles.

As I am writing this, my Lil One suddenly kisses my forehead. I told you so!

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my Lil One so much that I’m willing to tackle the hardships of motherhood  (or house-cleaning!).

Sometimes, when I am in the kitchen and I catch a glimpse of her walking across the room, I can only smile and say ‘What a cute little thing. I’m so happy you’re mine.’

Oh, the heart of a mother! As long as she is happy, safe, and healthy, my heart is in place.

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